Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Voting now open

Voting is now open. You may use your choice of voting methods:
  1. Text message (preferred): to 867-445-4660.
  2. E-mail (perfectly legitimate): to the moderator
Voting ends Tuesday, December 22, at 9pm NWT time.

You may vote in as many categories as you like, but you may only vote once. If you vote more than once, our moderator will have to spend time deleting duplicates. Please vote for your single favourite entry in each category. I have provided links so you can easily compare the entries. If you are texting your vote, you can use the shortened versions of the blog names listed below.

Best Blog: This is an award for the best blog overall. It includes Flickr streams, podcasting and vodcasting.
Best New Blog: Best blog that started in 2009. The blogger does not have to be new to the NWT, and it does not have to be the writer's first blog.
Best Post: The single best post of 2009.
Best Series: This can be a number of posts over a long period of time or a time-limited series.
Best Youth Blog: Best blog written by an NWT resident who is younger than 20.
Best Audio/Video Blog Post: Best individual podcast or video.
Best Northern Story: Best story about the NWT. It can be a single post or a series of posts that tell a single story.
Best Professional Photography: This category includes all professional photographers. In this category, the only content to be considered is the blog's original photography. It can be a Flickr stream.
Best Personal Photography: See above, but for amateur photographers.
Best Theme Blog: Best blog in which all or almost all posts are about a single topic or use a set format. This includes corporate blogs and blogs about specific places. The theme does not have to have anything to do with the NWT.



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