Sunday, April 27, 2008

So it begins

We have a lot of nominees for Best Blog and Best Post. I'm going to do those two in two rounds. You can only vote once for each question, but the top three blogs in those two categories will face off for the big prize starting on Wednesday morning. The others have fewer than five choices in each category, so we should be able to get through them in one round.

This ends on Tuesday night at midnight NWT time. If you haven't already, please click through and read the blogs in each category before you vote. Good luck to everyone! Remember, if you tell your readers to vote, you're more likely to win. :)

Which is the best blog in the NWT? The three blogs that get the most votes will "advance to the finals", as they say on Canadian Idol. The only difference is that this poll is much classier.

Prize: "I Am An NWT Blogger" T-shirt, handmade by
Jen of Nunavut.

Eclectic Blogs
Flame of God
Inuvik Photos
Just Below 63
Karan's Blog
Reflections in the Snow-Covered Hills

Which is the best NWT post? Again, we'll vote later on the top three.

Prize: Framed northern photo from Martin.

The Fowlers (Peterson Photography and Design)
GNWT Cutting Costs But Not in the Right Places (Eclectic Blogs)
Reasons We Can't Let The Atheists Win (Flame of God)
You Darn Kids! (Inuvik Photos)
Why Do We Make The Schedule, Anyway? (Just Below 63)
What's Playing In My Walkman (Karan's Blog)
The Issue: Literacy Problems (Reflections in the Snow-Covered Hills)
Mother Nature Has A Great Sense Of Humour (Just Below 63)
Switched At Birth (Karan's Blog)

Which is the best or funniest northern story? You are voting for a winner -- there will be no second round for this category.

Prize: NWT birch basket with quillwork or original tufting on hide in a loop from Indigo.

Black Lake Or Black Magic (Just Below 63)
Yet More Awkward Moments (Karan's Blog)
Weird Inuvik Product (Inuvik Photos)
There's a Bear in Them Thar Woods (Way Way Up: NWT Edition)

Which NWT blog has the best photography? You are voting for a winner -- there will be no second round for this category.

Prize: Set of northern cards from
Rob & Tina.

Peterson Photography and Design
Inuvik Photos

Which is the best new NWT blog? You are voting for a winner -- there will be no second round for this category.

Prize: Dinner for two at Megan's house in Yellowknife. It's your job to get yourself there. :)

Karan's Blog
Janet's Arctic Adventure


Way Way Up on April 28, 2008 at 6:40 PM said...

I'm pretty sure there are sitting MLA's over here in Nunavut that don't get this many votes in an election. These are impressive numbers. Congrats.


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